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The Lead for Women team have spent the last couple of days running around Labour Party Conference with a big letter… A very big letter. Over a thousand Labour women here in Manchester for Labour have signed the letter, congratulating Ed on his election, and calling on him to lead for women. This evening, at the Women’s Reception, we presented Ed with the letter.

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There is a real buzz this Labour Party Conference about women in the Party. There’s a great and exciting agenda of women’s events, which kicked off today as over 700 women gathered in Manchester Town Hall for Labour’s Women’s Summit.

You can watch a short video of the event here:

This morning was incredibly inspriring, and shows just why Labour must reinstate Labour Women’s Conference. Dozens of women queued at open mikes to make their views heard, and Yvette and Harriet made rousing speeches. Both the politicians and the delegates showed just how talented Labour women are.

Finally, we were joined by new leader Ed Miliband, who did us proud by making the case loud and clear for positive action for women’s representation in the Party.

The Lead for Women sisters are looking forward to the next Women’s Summit!

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We’ve spend today up in Manchester at the Labour Leadership Conference, waiting to find out who has won the election to be Labour’s new leader.

Back in June, we felt frustrated by the way progress on women’s representation within the Labour Party seemed to have stalled. We had just had a general election campaign in which women politicians were almost invisible, and we nearly had a leadership election with no women candidates.

That’s why we wrote an open letter to all those who put themselves forward for the Leadership, setting out our concerns, and asking them to put in writing their specific commitments on how they would ‘lead for women’. Since then, hundreds and hundreds of women across the country have added their names to our letter, and together we have kept the issue of women’s representation high on the agenda throughout the leadership election.

We’re delighted that every single one of the candidates took the time to read our letter and respond (some of them at length and in considerable detail). And we are delighted that Labour has a new leader today. We want to congratulate Ed on his election, but also to remind him of the promises he made in his letter to Lead for Women.

We hope to work closely with the new leadership to put his promises into practice, and to ensure the Labour Party is a Party which truly does lead for women.

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